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A Spicier Life Crochet Along

Squeee, I'm so excited!  Are you?
As I mentioned on my last podcast, I've been fit to burst carrying this secret little up and coming project around with me and it feels so good to share it properly with you at last.
Ever since the fun and the really surprising and wonderful success of the Spice of Life CAL which I ran together with Black Sheep Wools, I've been talking with those lovely peeps about the idea of a 'Spice of Life 2' and I'm so happy that we're working together again to be able to bring it this even 'spicier' new blanket and crochet along which we're calling A Spicier Life!
After settling on keeping the ‘spicy’ theme, I’ve taken lots of inspiration from India this time, thinking of the sights and flavours of that fabulous and endlessly interesting country. You’ll see the colour packs this time around have been influenced and named appropriately.
This second blanket is very much the sequel to the first and I think they work really w…

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